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The Dark Annihilator entered

Bring it on!
Vi talking to Myougi before meeting the Dark Annihilator

The Dark Annihilator is the first boss in Sinister Grotto.


  • HP: 92/120/160

Attacks Edit

  • Circular saw
    • This will move across the floor until the boss is defeated.
    • This will always be the first attack.
    • Deals 11/15/23 HP
  • Ricochet lasers
    • The Dark Annihilator will shoot lasers in different directions, touching the walls will make them ricochet away.
    • Deals 15/20/30 HP
  • Skull rockets
    • Will fire three walls of rockets from the left to right, there are three different walls, hole on bottom, middle or top.
    • During enrage rockets fly faster
    • Deals 15/20/30 HP
  • Missile rain
    • Random spots on the floor will glow red, then missiles will fall at these spots.
    • Deals 15/20/30 HP
  • Solid laser
    • The Dark Annihilator will look down on the floor, fire a big, solid laser from his eyes, and then look up with the laser following.
    • Deals 15/20/30 HP
  • Bombs
    • The Dark Annihilator fires 1/2/3 bombs in an arc.
    • If the bombs touch the floor, they will leave a carpet of fire, which can only be put out if the boss steps on these.
    • The trajectory is somewhat determined by RNG.
    • They can be destroyed.
    • Deals 19/25/38HP damage as projectile.
    • Fire deals 11/15/23 HP
  • Step
    • After every attack, the boss will take a step, the player must move away and adjust the boss at all times, if the Dark Annihilator takes enough steps, the end of the arena will be seen, with a hole containing a shredder. The boss must be defeated in time.

Rage Edit

  • When the boss reaches 40% health, he will initiate rage mode. He will after that attack much faster than before.
  • Healing missiles
    • These will come from the right, hurt Vi 8/10/15 on contact and heal the Dark Annihilator if they touch him.
    • They can be destroyed.


Wings Of Vi Dark Annihilator (Angel Mode)

Wings Of Vi Dark Annihilator (Angel Mode)

Related achievementsEdit

Name How to Reward
Dark annihilator icon
Defeat the Dark Annihilator Head
Dark annihilator icon
"404: Flawless!"
Defeat the Dark Annihilator without taking any damage Wings
Dark annihilator icon
Defeat the Dark Annihialator without letting any bombs touch the floor -




Wings of vi personalizacion robot wings

Robot wings

Wings of vi personalizacion robot head

Robot head


  • 8th June 2016:
    • Dark Annihilator no longer trigger melee attacks.


Dark Annihilator

The Dark Annihilator close before droping the circular saw

2015-01-06 00002

The Darkheim Watch over the defeated Annihilator

Zipped dark annihilator

Packed Dark Annihilator

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